The World’s Largest Tooth

The biggest dinosaur tooth ever discovered was recently found by a scientist in Rio Negro, Argentina. The tooth measures in at 75 mm which makes it 35% bigger than the previous record holder (and much bigger than the Tyranosaurus teeth in this picture).

We all know that most dinosaurs were big but this new discovery paints a way bigger picture of the apply-named Titanosaur. The Titanosaur was a gigantic sauropod that lived between 200 and 65 million years ago. It shows up in the fossil record much later than other sauropods and scientists believe Titanosaur hung in there up until the mass extinction 65 million years back.

This massive vegetarian may have weighed around 100 tons and was so big even the nastier predators were probably weary to make a meal out of it. This dinosaur had to eat a massive amount of vegetation to supply energy to fuel its massive body, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1150 pounds of plants every day.

They had only incisors used for breaking up branches and leaves. Surprisingly it had no molars because the bulk of its digestion happened in the mouth and stomach. The Titanosaur had strong digestive juices to help break down the immense amount of food it ate.

Dr. Rodolfo Garcia from the National University of Rio Negro in Argentina was the scientist who discovered this massive tooth. The doctor says that because of its lack of molars this particular dinosaur probably had a small head, relatively anyway, to its huge body. The tooth came complete with the root so Dr. Garcia was able to deduce quite a bit from this fantastic find.

Even dinosaurs could have benefited from good oral hygiene it appears. Dr. Hall doesn’t perform cosmetic dentistry on dinosaur teeth but he does excellent work on us humans, so if you want to make your dental problems extinct make an appointment today.

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