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Tooth Fillings

Toothache and sensitive teeth

Are you experiencing a toothache, teeth sensitive to hot or cold foods or drinks or a rough, sharp feeling on the surface of your tooth? You might need a filling! When decay forms in your tooth, it compromises the structure of the tooth and causes pain. To restore the tooth to its full function a filling material needs to be placed inside the hole that has formed by decay.

Also known as:

  • tooth fillings
  • dental fillings
  • white fillings
  • white dental fillings
  • colored fillings
  • cavity fillings
  • composite fillings

Desired results:

Patients in Colorado Springs experiencing sensitive or sharp feelings in their teeth might need a filling, however, they do not want a silver filling or colored filling, they would rather have the filling the same color as their natural teeth.

Say goodbye to amalgam fillings

Do you have a cavity that was filled in the past using an amalgam filling? Do you find that these fillings stand out when you smile or open your mouth? Would you like to have a more natural smile that is still protected? If so, come to Dr. Hall’s office in Colorado Springs for white fillings. Say goodbye to old metal fillings which ruin your wonderful smile. Instead Dr. Hall will be able to remove the amalgam fillings and replace them with white fillings that are more natural as they will blend in with your existing teeth.

White fillings, also referred to as tooth-colored fillings, have become extremely popular in the dental world as more patients are looking to have a healthy and protected smile that is still entirely natural looking. White fillings can either be comprised of composite resin or porcelain and are more biocompatible with your natural teeth. These types of restorations will blend in with the natural color of your teeth, as opposed to old-time amalgam fillings.

What will the tooth-colored fillings look like?

Because the composite resin used with tooth-colored fillings is usually a light color and is matched to the natural color of your teeth, the fillings should not be noticeable at all. With tooth colored filling materials you’ll be able to protect your teeth without dealing with the old-fashioned amalgam fillings that stood out from your natural smile.

How long will tooth-colored fillings last?

Tooth-colored fillings are an upgrade to the amalgam fillings that were popularly used in the past. The composite resin used nowadays is much more advanced and now offers a higher strength bond and seal. These composite resin restorations will last on average 10 years or so, depending on how you take care of them while porcelain restorations can last forever if properly maintained.


Dr Hall is able to remove amalgam fillings and replace them with white fillings. Amalgam fillings are made of metal and can cause damage to your teeth over time. White fillings, on the other hand, are much stronger and blend in well with your natural teeth.

Unlike amalgam fillings, which can stand out and ruin a beautiful smile, white fillings look much more natural and blend in with your existing teeth. They are made of either composite resin or porcelain rather than metal, and for this reason, are much more biocompatible with your natural teeth. Because they are designed to match your teeth, the fillings will not be noticeable at all.

The materials used in manufacturing tooth-colored fillings are much more advanced than those used to make amalgam fillings, so they generally offer a much stronger bond and seal. The composite resin restorations typically last an average of around 10 years. Although this will depend on how you take care of them, and it is important that you maintain them properly just as you would your natural teeth.

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