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Dr. Andrew Hall truly loves and has a great understanding of every aspect of his chosen field. Through extensive study and commitment, he has become a well-rounded professional who enjoys practising all forms of dentistry.

Dr. Hall has completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry program, a highly intensive one year program. After completing this program, Dr. Hall continued his education in dentistry and was later deployed to Iraq, where he would serve as the only staff dentist for nearly 2,500 soldiers and civilians.

I try to do my best every day and work hard for my patients. I succeed when they succeed which means working toward a mutual goal of optimal oral health.

I am looking to create a practice that patients enjoy visiting and see us as part of their regiment in order to maintain oral health.

A perfect day for me does not consist of being at the office – it would be spending time with my loved ones – I am blessed to have Nichole, Clover and Caden in my life and time with them would constitute my perfect day.


My inspiration to get up and work hard every day is my family. I love taking care of my patients and helping them acquire optimal oral health but at the end of the day my family is what inspires me!

Finding a perfect balance in work and personal life and allowing the two to co-mingle in a very minor capacity. It would include surrounding myself with folks that I can trust to get things done which would lessen more workload.

Talking with my mentors, colleagues and friends in the industry.

Probably the journey of starting a practice from scratch – this has been a heck of a ride as things have matured into what they are today.

I have given up much of my time and worked very hard every day since I opened the practice – as a small business owner you are always working on your business.

I am sure I would, specifically hard to say but I learned a ton and hindsight is always 20/20 .

Have a distinct vision and plan in order to execute.

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