Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Colorado Springs

Rejuvenate the appearance of your smile with teeth whitening

    • Remove stubborn stains and discoloration
    • Smile freely again
    • Custom-made trays for the perfect fit
    • Whiten while you sleep


Also known as:
  • teeth whitening
  • teeth brightening
  • teeth whitener
  • dental whitening
  • teeth bleaching
Desired results: Patients in Colorado Springs are looking for a whiter, brighter smile are generally aiming to remove any stains, or alleviate the appearance of any visible, dark stains.


“Many of my patients have been self-conscious about the appearance of their smile in the past. After a teeth whitening treatment they feel refreshed and able to smile freely again.”

— Dr. Andrew Hall


Are you unhappy with your smile?

Are your teeth not as white as you’d like? Do you find that you have stains on your teeth that make you more self-conscious about smiling than previously? Do you want to be able to have increased confidence in your smile? If so, tooth whitening may be just the procedure you need to brighten your smile and help you to smile without restrictions again.

Watch Dr. Hall discuss teeth whitening with Jen Lennon from MomseEveryday.com

Causes of teeth discoloration

A range of lifestyle habits can affect the color of your teeth. Most commonly foods and drinks that are dark in color such as coffee and red wine are the culprits. However, smoking, some medications and illnesses can also affect the color of your teeth. Identifying the root cause of your staining can help you to reduce re-staining in the future.

There are many different types of teeth whitening systems available, and each of them tends to work in a different way. However, the basic properties of tooth whitening systems are essentially very similar. They all use peroxide in a gel form which is applied to teeth, the difference is generally in the delivery method. This peroxide gel is able to rid the tooth of stains. Dr. Hall utilizes a method using custom-fit whitening trays that are worn at night while you sleep. The custom trays are fabricated at the dental office and seal at the gum line in order to provide an effective and even whitening treatment. Dr. Hall feels this technique is more superior than other in-office teeth whitening methods.

The results of whitening will depend on how well you decide to maintain the new white color. If you persist in eating and drinking staining foods your teeth will likely re-stain after the treatment. Dr. Hall’s system will last a lifetime with periodic home maintenance.

Teeth whitening has proven to be very effective for most patients, even those with heavy discoloration and staining. However, it is always best to first consult with Dr. Hall to ensure it will provide you with the results you are seeking. Sometimes, discoloration is due to an underlying issue such as deep decay or an infected tooth. During your consultation, Dr. Hall will assess your teeth and recommend any other treatments that may be necessary to combat your discolored teeth.

The cost of teeth whitening will vary, it is best to schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Hall to discuss your options. While it isn’t overly expensive, professional whitening does cost more than the at-home whitening systems you see advertised in stores, magazines, and on T.V.

Teeth whitening Colorado Springs

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding teeth whitening in Colorado, don’t hesitate to contact our Colorado Springs office by calling (719) 481-8250 or book an appointment online using our online form. We will answer any questions that you may have regarding teeth whitening offered by Dr. Hall.

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