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“I recommend dental implants for all patients trying to replace a missing tooth. It is a strong and durable fixture that maintains the look and function of a natural tooth.”

Replace one or more missing teeth

Dental implants are one of the great achievements of modern dentistry, and for the right patients they can provide a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Colorado Springs implant dentist Dr. Andrew Hall has an extensive record of success helping patients restore bite function, improve oral health, and renew the beauty of their smiles with dental implants. To learn more about dental implants or schedule a complimentary consultation, please call The Studio of Exceptional Dentistry at (719) 481-8250.

Missing teeth and your oral health

Missing teeth are not just an aesthetic imperfection. Without treatment, a missing tooth or missing teeth can lead to severe oral health problems.

The gaps left by missing teeth can affect your ability to chew and speak properly. They also provide a perfect place for the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease to establish residence.

Missing teeth can further allow your remaining natural teeth to shift and contribute to the progressive bone loss in the jaw. Oral health concerns like bone loss and periodontal disease can further impact your overall health, affecting your ability to eat normally and increasing your risk for some systemic health problems.

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Dental implants: A perfect fit

Dr. Hall has a significant background in implant dentistry and a passion for smile aesthetics. He has pursued wide-ranging postgraduate training in the applications and placement of dental implants in order to provide patients with a perfect fit.

A Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Dr. Hall regularly travels to train other implant dentists in the proper placement of implants and the effective use of implant technology such as CEREC and Galileos imaging.

Galileos is a 3-D imaging system that creates a comprehensive picture of your mouth, including detailed images of your teeth and jaw to thoroughly assess whether dental implants are the best treatment for your needs. CEREC is a complementary technology used to create form-fitting dental restorations like crowns for dental implants.

Dental implants in one office

Dr. Hall is one of relatively few dentists to offer patients the convenience and precision of in-office CEREC technology. Many implant dentists work with an outside laboratory to create their patients’ restorations. This means that typically every step of the dental implant procedure is completed by Dr. Hall. It is rare that Dr. Hall has to refer a patient to an outside office. He can complete most implants at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry in Colorado Springs with the use of modern dental technology.

The dental implant process

The dental implants process takes some time, but for the right patient, the results are worth the wait. After the placement of the implant post, your jaw bone will grow around the implant in a process known as osseointegration. This can take a few months, but it is vital to the strength and longevity of the dental implant.

As osseointegration occurs, you will wear a temporary dental crown to protect the implant and provide some functionality. When Dr. Hall has confirmed that the implant is fixed in place, your dental-grade porcelain crown will be created using our in-house CEREC technology. Dr. Hall will then attach the dental crown to the implant post, ensuring a proper fit and color tone to match your smile.

With a good dental hygiene routine that includes daily brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental check-ups, your dental implants can help you maintain proper bite function and a beautiful smile for years to come.

Dental implants Colorado Springs

For more information about dental implants, or to arrange your free implant consultation with Dr. Hall, please contact The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry online or call us at (719) 481-8250. Dr. Hall welcomes patients from the greater Colorado Springs area.

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