When Veneers Go Bad: A Cautionary Tale

Ainara portafotos In recent times, the placement of porcelain veneers has emerged as an extremely popular facet of cosmetic dentistry. A key feature of restorative dentistry, the process has proved extremely effective in creating an improved smile and correcting minor bite and occlusal issues.

Like any cosmetic procedure it is not without its risks, however, and there have been a number of reports which detail the failure of veneers over time. While some have been reported as chipping easily, others have fallen off completely within just 48 hours of their placement.

Cause and Consequence: When Veneers Go Wrong

More worrying than this, however, there have been a minority of patients who have reported that their veneers caused them a great deal of pain and sensitivity when eating. This is an untenable situation for patients who have spent their hard earned money to undergo the cosmetic procedure, and their first instinct is often to criticize the actual product or the manufacturer. The individual veneer is rarely responsible for its own failure, however, and patients must look harder for the root cause.

While persisting grinding of teeth is one of the most likely causes of veneer failure, there is also a growing consensus which suggests that poor dietary habits are also a significant contributing factor. Teeth grinding should be treated prior to having veneers fitted and patients should be aware of possible diet choices that might damage the veneers (hard snacks, chewing ice, etc..) during an initial consultation with the Colorado Springs dentist. If you do not have this level of communication with your dentist from the outset, then it is possible that your veneers will fail and you may not get the smile you want.

The Importance of Seeking Out a Reputable Dentist

When considering undergoing a cosmetic veneer procedure, teeth whitening, having dental implants placed or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, your choice of practitioner is one of the most important that you will ever have to make. Research is key to the decision making process, while you must also be sure that you have a good level of communication with your dentist. There are several key questions that a reputable dentist should ask you when looking to fit veneers, and it remains your duty to ensure that they have the necessary information to prepare effectively.

If you live in the Colorado Springs region and are considering having dental veneers fitted, or would like to have a reputable professional check the quality of existing veneers, then make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Hall today. As a leader in his field, he is well placed to effect an efficient and sustainable treatment.

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