The Top 6 Cosmetic Dental Conditions That We Can Treat

Jackie Martinez (#31103)Having your teeth perfectly set and white gives you confidence. Unfortunately, most people are not born that way. Many people are born with genetic abnormalities, undergrowth and overgrowth of their jawbone or TMJD. These conditions will cause your mouth to become misaligned, gapped and will lead to more serious dental conditions in the future if left untreated. Some people are okay with that, they like the originality that gapped teeth and overbites gives them.

Luckily, many common cosmetic conditions can be treated with Invisalign braces. Mild cases like crooked teeth and extra teeth can easily be straightened and manipulated to bring your smile back to the where you need it to be. Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces, and for many adults that kind of invisibility is valuable. In fact, It’s the number one reason most people come to the Invisalign product line.

What are some of the main treatable conditions?

Gapped Teeth, which is created with the growth of the jawbone. Gaps also occur when missing or pulled teeth make your other teeth shift. This creates gaps and space in your smile. It also leads to gum issues and periodontal pockets that then increase your risk of the disease.

Overbite, also called an “overjet” by dental professionals. It’s simple– your upper teeth bite over the lower teeth. It can be caused by genetics, bad oral health, or the overdevelopment of the bone that supports the teeth. This can also lead to gum issues.

Underbites, again similar to the overbite but different because this occurs when the lower teeth protrude from the bottom of the mouth. It is caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, or missing teeth. This underbite leads to too much tooth wear and it can also cause jaw and joint problems.

Open Bite, in this condition teeth are not able to make contact with other teeth. Typically, it’s the top teeth that are not able to meet the bottom teeth. It’s a genetic abnormality and can be caused by thumb sucking. It leads to issues like tempromandibular joint disorder.

Overly Crowded, this happens when there is a little bit of room in your jaw. If it is left untreated the teeth can get worse over time and will cause the teeth to become really crowded. It also leads to plaque accumulation and tooth decay.

Crossbite, the upper and lower jaws are not connecting in this condition. Rather, they are misaligned and this causes the teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth. If left untreated this can cause wearing on the teeth and gum disease. This may also include bone loss.

All of these conditions are treatable with Invisalign. Misaligned teeth are not something that you have to live with. Most of the treatments are essentially painless, and patients can start to see results in as little as six weeks. Remember, the care of your mouth is essential to your health and at Dr. Andrew Hall’s Colorado Springs dental office we understand that your smile is the first thing that others see. Why not make it perfect? Come in for a complimentary consultation today!

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