Top 5 Best Innovative Toothbrush Designs

When it comes to toothbrushes you may think that if you’ve seen one, you’ve probably seen them all. Well, we are glad to inform you that just isn’t the case. Believe it or not, toothbrush design itself has come a long way and there are ton of interesting an innovative designs out there. Now while you can get a ton of toothbrushes with everything from Spiderman to Sponge Bob on them, it’s the actual design, ergonomics and just plain good ideas we’re featuring here which make these stand out from the rest.

The Standing Toothbrush

The upstanding toothbrush concept is both clever and original while being as simplistic as possible. This toothbrush makes use of a weight at the base of its rounded end to create a center of gravity at the base allowing it to stand upright. So your tooth brush no longer has to touch any un-hygienic surface or even be put in a wall mount or tray. Just set it down at the base and like magic, it just stands there.

The Wii-mote Toothbrush

This one is directly aimed at the gamer in your life. It’s a toothbrush mounted to a Nintendo Wii remote and it’s not only a toothbrush but an actual working remote to a game in which brushing in the correct motion and amount of time keeps a little character alive in a perilous fish tank. This one is great for kids and there’s no shame in mom or dad using it either.

Double-Sided Electric Toothbrush

This one’s for that busy person on the go. It’s an electric toothbrush with bristles on both sides of the end designed to brush both rows of teeth at the same time. While we aren’t sure how much time exactly it might save or how effective it really is in reality, you have to give the designers brownie points for both ingenuity and marketing.

The Solar Powered Paste-less Toothbrush

Dr. Kumno Komiyama, a dentistry professor at the University of Saskatchewan, has invented something absolutely right out of the pages of a sci-fi story. It’s a solar powered toothbrush that does NOT require tooth paste. Yes, you heard that right, and probably so has Colgate who probably wishes this little beauty was never thought of. The solar powered toothbrush has a solar panel at the bottom that sends electrons to the bristle end. Those electrons react with acid in your mouth which then in turn create a chemical reaction that breaks down plaque and kills bacteria. The amount of money you would save in toothpaste alone basically ensures that at almost any price, this toothbrush would eventually pay for itself.

The Hook Brush

Do you find that brushing your teeth in the shower saves you time? Lots of people probably do but a lot of others point to the unsanitary fact that you have to lay your tooth brush down on mildew-covered tile. Well, Denticool, a Korean company, came up with an elegant and simple solution. Simply put, they used a hook at the end of the brush to hang over the showerhead or shampoo and soap rack. Now your toothbrush doesn’t sit on the tile and it’s easy to reach. All in all it’s pretty smart and unbelievably simple.

As cool as all these are, before you rush to the store or jump online credit card in hand, we advise talking to Dr. Hall before dropping your hard-earned cash on the latest innovation in teeth-brushing technology. He can probably tell you better than anyone whether or not the design is effective, healthy and help protect your teeth from decay so you don’t have to see a Colorado Springs dentist for more dental work later.

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