Tooth Loss Is Common – Dental Implants Can Help

Did you know that by the time you reach 44, you may be one of the 69% of adults that has lost a permanent tooth? Did you know that when you reach age 74, 26% of seniors are missing all of their original teeth? Nowadays society doesn’t take proper care of their teeth, and the statistics show it. A recently conducted study by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) not only discovered the above statistics, but also found that there is a 92% prevalence of tooth decay in today’s society. So why is tooth loss so common?

The fact is that not many people consider their oral health to be overly important. Rarely will you find someone who brushes and flosses more than twice a day, and in today’s world it’s becoming less and less common for patients to go to their dentists regularly simply because of financial situations. When the health of the teeth and mouth are neglected, tooth loss is found to occur. Commonly tooth loss is caused by tooth decay, gum disease, and a failed root canal. Accidents also contribute to the tooth loss statistics as well.

The problem is that patients usually don’t seek medical condition until it is too late and by that time a relatively simple problem with an easy fix now becomes a much more complex situation. Patients should try to focus more on fixing the problem as soon as it comes about instead of waiting until medical attention is a dire need.

Using Dental Implants To Fix A Smile

Thankfully adults, seniors, and children alike have various options available to them when looking for ways to make the smile whole again. When working with Dr. Hall in his Colorado Springs dental office, the fix for your tooth loss will be the use of dental implants. Dr. Hall is extremely knowledgeable in placing tooth implants, in fact he instructs several different classes on the proper procedures for placing dental implants. While having anything implanted into your mouth seems scary and risky, Dr. Hall uses the most advanced and latest equipment and technology to ensure that patients are completely safe as well as happy with their new smiles.

If you are missing a tooth or many teeth, dental implants are a great option available to you. With dental implants you will have a beautiful smile again and functionally your smile will work better than ever as implants are able to act as natural teeth and equally distribute the force that is created when chewing and eating. Call Dr. Hall’s office to learn more about dental implants and how they can help you!

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