Is the Tooth Fairy On Strike in England?

Anytime a vital service or age old institution is shut down or interrupted, it’s a huge inconvenience for anyone no matter what country you are in. Recently, in Great Britain, a young hero rose to fight the system and to get what was coming to her.

Political Unrest Stems From Tooth Loss

When a nine-year-old girl in Coventry, England didn’t receive her due from the tooth fairy she took her grievance to the highest possible office, the Prime Minister of England.

Isabelle Wyatt lost a tooth, and after putting it under her pillow she was shocked to discover that the next day the money she had worked so hard to earn wasn’t there. She then started up the ladder and went to her dad to ask, “Is the tooth fairy on strike?”

Her father then replied, “Yes, because David Cameron [England’s Prime Minister] is going to take her pension away.” This shocking revelation from an obviously trustworthy and knowledgeable source of information prompted this daring political advocate to write a scathing letter to the highest power in the land.

So, when in a few short weeks she received a letter back from the Prime Minister’s office, she was overjoyed. Unfortunately the answer to her question was vague. “Unfortunately at this point I am unable to answer your question about possible industrial action.”

Riots in the Street – Pay for Teeth

Now, with an answer as non-conclusive as that, it does beg the question, is the tooth fairy on strike in England?

After an extensive investigation that consisted of hard research and time, in fact 30 entire seconds of Googling “is the tooth fairy on strike in England,” we have no decisive or concrete answers ourselves.

In fact, the only sure thing that we can report in our hard-hitting investigation is that this brave young girl did in fact get her money, although from what source we are still unsure.

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