Tiger Woods Explains Tooth Loss

Tiger Woods recently tried to surprise his girlfriend, pro skier and Colorado resident Lindsey Vonn, when he ended up on the receiving end of a surprise himself—one that damaged two teeth and required restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments to repair.

Skiing Not Responsible for this Dental Injury

Woods was making an unexpected slope-side appearance in Italy, where Vonn would go on to capture her sixth World Championship medal, the most ever by an American (Vonn was previously tied for the achievement with Ted Ligety, Julia Mancuso and Bode Miller).

Photos of Woods, who was seemingly missing a front tooth, quickly circulated on social media. Woods said one tooth was broken and another cracked after a television cameraman, who was lugging gear over a shoulder, rose and turned around, accidentally knocking the famed golfer in the mouth.

The incident ignited a mini-controversy when witnesses denied aspects of Woods’s tale. Woods deflected attention to Vonn’s bronze medal victory, saying “the story is about Lindsey breaking the record.”

Restoring Damaged Teeth

In discussing his dental injury, Woods noted the tooth that suffered the worst harm had been previously damaged: “luckily, he hit the one that I had the root canal on…” Woods quickly returned to the United States for dental treatment.

There are a number of options for restoring broken, infected or missing teeth. The best treatment depends on a number of individual factors, including the extent of damage and your overall oral health.

Minor chips and cracks can be repaired with porcelain veneers, thin shells of dental-grade porcelain that are affixed to the surfaces of your teeth and are designed to look and function like natural teeth exteriors. Broken or otherwise badly damaged teeth may indicate the use of dental crowns either alone or in conjunction with another treatment. Teeth that have to be extracted or are already missing may be replaced with dental implants, a highly functional long-term solution that performs like natural teeth.

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