RegeneCure Starts New Clinical Study

A company called RegeneCure, which develops, produces and markets synthetic implants for bone reconstruction and fracture fusion in the dental, orthopedic and cosmetic fields, have announced the start of a new study.

About the Dental Implant Trial

The study is being conducted using the company’s proprietary guarded bone regeneration (GBR) dental membrane for patients requiring dental implants.

The biggest problem encountered when a patient has a tooth replaced with a dental implant is the lack of enough bone volume to house the implant itself. Because of this, there is often a need to support the implant with a sort of bone substitute until the natural bone regenerates. That material, in turn, must be held in place by a membrane.

A group of 32 test patients, all suffering from insufficient bone volume for a dental implant placement, will be randomly selected for the study. Half will receive RegeneCure’s membrane while the other half will receive the current standard, a collagen membrane.

Big Advantages with Dental Membrane from RegeneCure

A big factor in RegeneCure’s new product is that it has big safety and even quality advantages over the normally used collagen membranes.

First of all, the membrane is a synthetic which completely eliminates pathogen contamination found in the animal tissue derived from collagen membranes. The synthetic also degrades slowly over time and gives the bone much more time to regenerate. And here’s the really big thing, the membrane actually accelerates healing time by enabling better cell adherence, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in the bone tissue and prevents connective tissue from connecting into the healing space.

So all in all, this could be a big medical breakthrough and an even bigger win for dental implant patients. If you have more questions about this or dental implant procedures in general, come in and talk to Dr. Hall today.

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