Prince William Loses Tooth

Anyone who’s seen an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos or been emailed a viral video of an errant post-wedding event knows that receptions are rife with opportunities for mishap and injury.

Prince William learned this the hard way when he required the emergency services of a dentist to replace a lost tooth after a dance floor accident during a friend’s wedding reception. The event actually occurred last year, but was only recently revealed; that no one noticed the repaired tooth is the testament to modern dental technology and the skills of a good dentist.

Ballroom Blitz

According to The Daily Mail, which broke the story on Prince William’s lost tooth, the royal family member and recent father was “tearing up the dancefloor” following a friend’s wedding last June when he was accidentally struck in the face by another chum.

The contact was traumatic enough to break off most of one of the prince’s top front teeth. He was rushed to an emergency dentist for treatment; the incident occurred just weeks before the birth of Prince George, William’s son with Kate Middleton.

Treatments for Damaged Teeth

While The Daily Mail article says only that Prince William’s tooth was repaired, there are a number of options for treating cracked or broken teeth.

The best treatment for a chipped or fractured tooth depends on the tooth affected and the extent of damage, among other factors. Effective treatments for damaged teeth include:

If a tooth is entirely missing or damaged beyond repair, dental implants offer a beautiful, durable solution.

The Importance of Timely Treatment

You should seek treatment for a broken tooth as soon as possible, especially if the tooth has been jarred loose or a portion of the tooth has been broken off.

Without timely care, the condition of the tooth may deteriorate and eventually affect your gums and surrounding teeth. Immediate treatment improves the chance that your natural tooth can be saved and repaired.

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