The Rise of Dental Implants: How Supply is Growing to Meet Demand

Tooth-BrushAs scientific and technological advancement continues to gather pace in contemporary society, a number of industries are evolving to benefit consumers and patients throughout the world. Dentistry is no exception, as new, innovative and increasingly affordable procedures continue to be implemented by a growing number of practitioners. The placing of dental implants offers a relevant example, as an estimated 53% of practitioners now offer this service to patients who are looking to replace missing or irreparably damaged teeth.


The Dental Treatment of Choice: Where to Go for Your Dental Implants

A steadily growing demand among patients is behind the increasing prominence of dental implants, and thus has subsequently forced many general practice owners to integrate the service. The modern dental patient is undoubtedly more aware when it comes to maintaining their physical appearance and an acceptable level of oral hygiene, and general dentists have reacted to this trend by making the procedure gradually more affordable over time. This combination of factors explains the sudden and sustained growth in the number of dental implants in recent times, where some countries have seen patient interest double between 2010 and 2011.

This raises the issue of competency, however, and whether all general practitioners are fully qualified to place dental implants on behalf of their patients. Many specialist dentists and oral surgeons claim that they are far more equipped to place implants, and although there may be some truth in this assertion it is a general statement that does not take into account the individual skill set that some cosmetic and general Colorado Springs dentists possess. The key as a patient is to take the time to research a dental practitioner before you visit them, and ensure that they possess the relevant skills and experience to perform your required procedure.

Prioritizing Quality and Integrity Over Cost

When seeking out a practitioner to place dental implants on your behalf, it is important to bear in mind that many general or cosmetic dentists are extremely serious about their work in this field and boast exceptional knowledge with regards to the latest procedures. Dr. Andrew Hall of Colorado Springs provides the perfect example of this, as although not an oral surgeon or specialist he has a fellowship in The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and has  in fact served as a recognized trainer on a number of dental products. To discover more about what you should expect from a reputable dentist or book a consultation to discuss your implant dentistry needs, contact his Colorado Springs dental office today.

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