Blackhawks’ Versteeg Loses Tooth in Game against Colorado Avalanche

Broken teeth are not uncommon in professional hockey. In fact, sometimes, as Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg learned in a recent game against the Colorado Avalanche, suffering a broken tooth doesn’t even earn the offender a penalty.

Of course, broken and missing teeth are not limited to hockey players. If you have damaged or missing teeth, dental implants and other treatments are available to help you restore bite function and a beautiful smile. To schedule your consultation with Colorado Springs dentist Dr Andrew Hall and learn more about your options, please call The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry at (719) 481-8250.

Missed Call, Missing Tooth

In a Feb. 20 game against the Avalanche, Versteeg was attempting to cut across the middle of the ice in front of the Colorado goal, when he was struck in the mouth by the stick of Avs defenseman Brad Stuart.

The incident was missed by officials, but not by video cameras. Versteeg drops to the ice after receiving the high stick, and he visibly spits out a portion of the broken tooth as he returns to the Blackhawks bench. Upset at the no-call, Versteeg repeatedly points out his tooth (or lack thereof) to referees, but to no avail.

Versteeg got a small measure of revenge later in the match when he scored a game-tying goal. The Colorado Avalanche, however, would go on to win the game.

Treatments for Broken and Missing Teeth

Even outside of the hard-hitting sport of pro hockey, many people experience damaged teeth or missing teeth due to dental trauma or oral health problems. Fortunately, there are a number of choices when it comes to repairing or replacing teeth.

Depending on the affected teeth and the extent of damage, cracked or broken teeth may be restored with dental crowns, porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Although these treatments differ in their applications, each is designed to repair existing damage, protect teeth against future damage, and restore at least some functionality to the tooth.

When it comes to replacing severely damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are the longest-lasting and most beautiful option. Unlike alternatives such as dentures and dental bridges, dental implants perform, look and feel just like healthy natural teeth, and they can be a permanent solution with proper care.

It’s important to seek treatment for damaged or missing teeth as soon as possible. Without treatment, broken or missing teeth can contribute to tooth decay, periodontal disease and progressive bone loss in the jaw.

For additional information about your cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry options, contact The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry online or call us at (719) 481-8250. Dr Hall welcomes patients from the greater Colorado Springs area.

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