Give your smile a makeover in 2018

A confident smile is always the best first impression, but sometimes the state of your teeth can hold you back from putting your best foot forward.

Many people believe they are powerless to change this, but the team of experts at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry know different.

Through specialized cosmetic dentistry and attentive expert consultation, you can have a beautiful smile in 2018.

A confident smile is always the best first impression

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A team of experts lead by a renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr Andrew Hall, is waiting to see to all your dental needs. As part of the Smile Makeover, The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry offers an array of treatments to give you your smile back through expertly chosen procedures.

Tooth replacement

When teeth are badly damaged by chipping or decay, the damage they cause (if left untreated) may go further than just your smile. To avoid gum disease and damage to other teeth, a tooth may have to be removed. The embarrassment of a gaping hole in your smile is enough to convince some people to hold on to damaged teeth, but with modern cosmetic dentistry, a gap is not a permanent problem.
The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry offers options to fit your specific needs in the form of tooth implants, where a prosthetic tooth is carefully implanted to match your natural teeth. Dental bridges are also typically used as a placeholder for missing teeth, restoring balance to your mouth and ensuring that your remaining teeth do not move as a result of a gap.

Tooth reconstruction

Although the biggest fear when teeth are damaged is tooth loss, with proper consultations and specialised knowledge, damaged teeth can not only be saved but reconstructed so that the damage cannot be seen. Veneers have famously reconstructed the smiles of many Hollywood stars; fitting over damaged and discoloured teeth, veneers form a perfect smile.

Similarly, tooth bonding can be used to cover minor imperfections in a one-day treatment from Dr Hall. It takes just a matter of hours. Both veneers and tooth bonding are similar to crowns in that they cover the damaged tooth, this not only creates a perfect tooth but also protects the remaining part of the tooth from further damage.

Tooth rejuvenation

Professional tooth whitening combats the effects of time, illness and bad dental habits that leave teeth stained and discoloured. A cut above regular peroxide tooth whitening gels, Dr Hall’s custom tooth whitening trays gradually whiten your teeth while you sleep restoring your bright white smile.

Teeth do not necessarily need to be damaged to cause discomfort, misaligned and crooked teeth can also provide the perfect reason for a smile makeover. At The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry, this doesn’t have to mean wires, hassle and dietary restrictions that come with traditional dentofacial orthopaedics. Invisalign is made up of thin, plastic, custom-made aligners that straighten your teeth without forcing you to change your lifestyle.

Injectable procedures

Although teeth are a very important part of a smile they are not the only component to a beautiful smile considered at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry. Expertly administered injectable procedures complete the smile makeover by restoring youth, easing pain and boosting confidence.

Known mainly for temporarily removing wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines on the face; The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry also offers prescription injectables, Botox and Juverderm, in the treatment of excessive sweating, jaw pain and tension headaches.

The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry to treat any combination of dental needs.

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The only thing standing in your way is the time between now and your next dentist’s appointment at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry. You can have a beautiful smile in 2018. Book in today.

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