Dental Stem Cell Banking

Stem cell research has been very controversial since it’s inception, but advances in the technology are making it more acceptable to the public. In 2000 researchers at the National Institute for Health discovered stem cells in dental pulp tissue. These dental stem cells are able to become various different sell types like cardiac, neuronal odontoblasts, adipocytes and osteoblasts. Therapy using stem cells to treat degenerative diseases are being studied all over the world. This ongoing research has the potential to treat or possibly even cure a large range of conditions.

Dental stem cells have the ability to be used in both dental and medical applications and have already been used to regenerate bones of the jaw and treat periodontal disease in clinical trials. Will this become the preferred method to replace congenitally missing teeth or teeth lost due to trauma? A common question would be how are these stem cells collected? Dental pulp from any healthy tooth can be used for it’s Stem cells: extracted molars, wisdom teeth, teeth pulled for orthodontia and baby teeth. If you are interested in stem cell research, and would like to either privately bank your teeth or to donate your teeth for scientific research, Dr. Andrew Hall can help. With a visit to our Colorado Springs dental office Dr. Hall can extract a healthy wisdom tooth or deciduous (baby) teeth when your child is ready to lose them from natural exfoliation. Teeth can also be harvested if they are removed for orthodontia purposes. There is not a dental stem cell bank currently in Colorado, but the National Dental Pulp Laboratory provides a sterile method to store and ship the extracted teeth to their facility in Newton Massachusetts. Colorado Springs Implant Dentist Dr. Andrew Hall is very interested to see where this research and development will take the ever evolving field of dentistry.

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