Dental Implants – Permanent Fixes For Unexpected Accidents

When it comes to dental work and celebrities, usually we read and hear about how certain celebrities have million dollar smiles that the rest of the world oogle and fawn over. However, celebrities are just like the rest of us and at some point, they too experience a very unfortunate situation. Take Steven Tyler for example, Aerosmith front man and American Idol judge. While showering in preparation for a show in Paraguay, Tyler unexpectedly fell in the shower due to dizziness which resulted in bumps, bruises, and two broken front teeth. With two broken front teeth, it was obvious that the band’s concert would need to be cancelled and/or postponed.

But, thanks to some of today’s most advanced dental technologies, Tyler was able to be fitted with dental implants in order to protect and restore the damaged teeth. With very little down time, the band was able to resume normal concert dates, playing the originally scheduled show the following Wednesday night.

If you have a broken tooth or teeth, your best bet is to seek help from a local implant dentist immediately. Remember, you don’t have to be a rock star to get an implant. No matter if you’re Steven Tyler or Joe Schmoe, anyone can be properly fitted with a dental implant in order to restore a broken tooth.  A broken tooth not only jeopardizes the health of the effected tooth, it also puts your overall smile at risk.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hall in order to have your emergency dental work completed using the latest equipment and training techniques for successfully and flawlessly placing a dental implant.

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