The Male Quest For the Fountain Of Youth

Television advertisements and late-night infomercials constantly bombard American consumers with products that enhance one’s physical appearance.  The manufactures of these products have always leaned more towards women verses men, but as the baby boomer generation ages, and life expectancy grows longer and longer, more men than ever before are in search of the fountain of youth through both invasive and minimally-invasive procedures.

According to an article from Science Daily, an increasing number of men are going under the knife in an effort to look just as good as they feel.  Contrary to what you might first believe, these men are not celebrities, but come from all walks of life, could be considered your “average Joe,” and are typically considered a “man’s man.”

In 2010, the number one invasive surgery men opted for was a nose reshaping, followed by eyelid surgery, liposuction, male breast reduction, and lastly, hair transplantation. However, going under the knife was not the only way men chose to improve their physical appearance last year.  An increasing number of men also opted for minimal-invasive procedures.  Their first choice was having Botulinum Toxin Type A injections, also known under the trademark of Botox®, along with laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and soft tissue fillers rounding out the top five.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Beyond the typical appearance improving procedures mentioned above, is the ever growing desire in men to undergo cosmetic dentistry.  Having perfect teeth can really improve the youthful look that men are in search of, and because of this, more men are starting to visit a cosmetic dentist as a place to start their male makeovers.  Teeth whitening and even the replacement of teeth are some of the most desirable procedures for men because when a man’s teeth are in good condition, it not only increases his confidence and attractiveness, but it also makes him look younger.

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile, not even celebrities for that matter!  Even some top celebrities including Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, Ben Affleck, and Nicholas Cage are reported to have undergone teeth makeovers, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to reap the benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry.  Implant dentist, Dr. Andrew Hall, offers the following cosmetic dentistry options at his Colorado Springs office: teeth whitened, porcelain veneers, white fillings, dental crowns, dental inlays and onlays, Invisalign, dental implants, and various other procedures to meet your specific cosmetic dentistry needs.

If cosmetic dentistry is on your radar, call today to make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Hall at his Colorado Springs dental office.

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