Are You Eligible for a Free Dental Checkup?

Teeth clean! Free Dental CheckupEvery year many dental insurance plans provide one or more cleaning with a dentist, this means you might be eligible for a free dental checkup. Dental health impacts the entire body, and because of that we should all look into getting a cleaning every year.

Cleaning your teeth and gums annually is an important part of maintaining you health. Your mouth is the key to your health and happiness. The best options for you if you need to have your teeth clean is to use that dental insurance that you have through work and from there you can assess if there are any issues with your teeth. This means taking advantage of a free dental checkup if your insurance offers it. There are many types of cleanings available as well. Again the type of dental cleaning you will have will depend on a number of factors. If you have periodontal disease then you may require more options for your treatment then you had thought before. If cavities are discovered during the cleaning then that too will have to be taken into account.

Get a Free Dental Checkup Today

Remember, waiting to have your teeth cleaned can be seriously damaging to your overall health. Plus if you have dental insurance, then you really have nothing holding you back. Dental cleanings were created so  that dental diseases can be caught early.

What happens during a dental cleaning

  • The dentist will polish your teeth
  • You may be instructed on proper teeth cleaning
  • Scaling may be involved
  • Your teeth will be flossed
  • Dentist will review the X-rays

The dental insurance that you have will get you access to this service through a free dental checkup without any additional worries or complications. Your Colorado Springs dentist will be happy to help maintain that perfect smile or you will learn how the dentist can restore your smile. The dental checkup is painless. This is the period of time when the dentist will evaluate your mouth to check for any issues that may have to be addressed in the near future. If you have to come back, your dental insurance may cover additional procedures as well.

If have dental insurance, it is recommended that you contact them and find out if you are eligible for a free dental checkup including one or more free annual cleanings. If you are eligible for a free cleaning, please contact the Colorado Springs dental office of Dr. Andrew Hall today and schedule an appointment. Regular dental cleanings help to catch problems early and keep your mouth and whole body healthy and strong.

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