Ergonomic Dental Chairs

Dentistry has come a long way in the some-6,500 years that it’s been around. The oldest known dental procedure was found in a set of teeth that, when analyzed, appears to have been filled with beeswax, possibly to reduce the pain of a cavity.

That’s always been the point – reducing or eliminating pain. Modern dentistry continues to make strides in this direction. The dental chair is no different, evolving into the clean, comfy, padded chairs you see today.

History of Dental Chairs

About 400 years ago, the town dentist would’ve used a chair no different than any other chair. Bare wood and no headrest, it wasn’t until 1790 that we attempted to make this excruciating experience a little bit easier by reinventing, not the tools or pain relievers, but the chair itself.

The first adjustable dental chair featured a headrest and an attached arm extension for conveniently accessing dental equipment. As with most inventions, necessity deemed it necessary, but any advancements in dentistry are almost always as good for the patient as they are for the dentist.

Laying the patient’s head back and incorporating this position into a chair specifically designed for this need, was a novel idea. It allowed the dentist to properly access all parts of the mouth. This paved the way for the world’s first fully reclining dental chair in the early 1800’s.

In 1867, a dentist in England constructed a chair that not only fully reclined and allowed the dentist to raise the patient up to three feet, but was also capable of tilting side to side. This pump-style chair was truly an innovation for its day.

Today’s Dental Offices

The next time you’re scared to make that dentist appointment think of how far we’ve come. You are living at the peak of modern dentistry and in today’s world, comfort is key.

Today’s chairs are padded and contoured to your body. They are electromechanical and hydraulically powered, keeping any electrical cords in place and easily accessible. The upholstery is made of a vinyl substance with anti-microbial protection.

Rest assured Dr. AndrewHall’s office uses the best of today’s dental equipment and technology. The innovations over the last 6500 years are evident. You will receive nothing but the best in care and comfort.

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