The Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene and its Impact in Later Life

Regret poor dental careWhile some fear the inevitable onset of old age, this occurrence can be even more distressing for those who carry significant regrets. Whether these relate to lost career opportunities, failed romantic liaisons or a failure to maintain good general health, they can dramatically impact on an individual’s capacity to enjoy their retirement.

According to a recent study in the UK, a total of six out of every 10 respondents aged over fifty-five regret not looking after their teeth in earlier life. The results suggested that seniors who reside in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North East of England are most likely to regret neglecting the need for good oral care, and provide a stark reminder of the importance that should be placed on attending regular dental check-ups.

Why Citizens Must Adopt a Proactive Approach to Maintaining Good Dental Health

The study was conducted by leading UK charity the British Dental Health Foundation, and is part of a wider campaign to raise awareness and improve the oral health of national citizens. This is a worthwhile and extremely relevant campaign, as approximately one on five UK residents wears full or partial dentures while a total of 2.5 million people live with no natural teeth at all. While this can partially attributed to generational gaps in awareness and knowledge, it is crucial that the young adults of today do not follow the same path.

Aside from fact that neglecting to take good care of your teeth can lead to significant regrets in later life, it also has the potential to cause long term oral and general health issues. With periodontal disease prominent among older social demographics, and also known to have tangible links with heart disease, there are inherent risks associated with failing to attend regular dental appointments. Regardless of the short term costs involved of visiting your local practitioner, these are worth paying and should be considered as a potentially life saving investment.

Don’t Regret Neglecting your Dental Health

While oral health has improved significantly in recent decades, there is still a lack of importance placed on attending regular dental check ups. It is possible that the current generation of senior citizens, who were largely unaware of the advantages of maintaining good oral health during their burgeoning adulthood, have unknowingly empowered their children to behave in a similarly negligent manner. This merely perpetuates the cycle of neglect and poor dental health, however, so young adults must utilize the information at their disposal and prioritize regular trips to their local dentist.

If you have regrets about poor oral health in your youth, it’s not too late.  Modern dentistry offers many new treatments that can restore your dental health and give you a brand new smile.  If you are missing teeth and want to see if a dental implant treatment is right for you, set an appointment for a free consultation with Colorado Springs Dentist Dr. Andrew Hall today!

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