Using Dental Benefits Before Retiring

Get dental care before retiringIf you are considering retiring soon there’s much to plan before you set off in your RV for the open road. Dental insurance is often the deciding factor in many peoples’ decisions to seek dental care, and even more so when your retirement funds leave you on a fixed budget. Medicare, which provides health insurance coverage for virtually all Americans over age 65, generally does not cover dental care. Preparing to live out your Golden Years in comfort needs to include a dental plan that will cover your needs and save you from all those out-of-pocket expenses.

First, use your benefits while you still can for major items like dental crowns and dental implants. If you haven’t yet retired and are putting off a major dental procedure – don’t! There is much to be saved by just using your full benefits while you have access to them. While there are alternatives, such as COBRA, you’ll save a lot more by just planning ahead and scheduling any procedures in advance of your retirement date.

Also, did you know that just using your benefits before the end of the year will also save you money? The maximum that your insurance will cover per year usually won’t roll over on January 1st. You should try to use this benefit to the max whenever possible. The annual deductible, monthly premiums and other charges should be considered when planning to use your benefits, as well. Don’t put off to next year, what your already-paid deductible will cover this year. Finally, consider any possible fee increases that will start on January 1st because these raised rates can also make your co-pay higher.

Getting Dental Care Now is Better Than Extending Benefits

Lastly, COBRA, or the Consolidate Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, requires most group insurance plans to provide a temporary continuation of coverage that might otherwise be terminated. It is possible to elect continuation coverage of your existing plan, which can include a 2% administration fee, among other charges, and is often more expensive than what active employees are required to pay. COBRA, on the other hand, is often less expensive but only lasts for a limited amount of time.

Consider the costs and plan accordingly.  Don’t neglect regular dental visits at Dr. Hall’s Colorado Spring dental office,  because your dental health is too important to overlook, especially when an emergency requires immediate, and costly, attention.

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