Colorado Springs Teens and Their Teeth

DevanIf you are the parent of a teen, you most certainly have a lot on your plate. Teens today live in a far different world than we did, with the internet, social media and way more access to information and communication than we probably ever thought possible. However, when it comes to dental and overall health, there’s a lot of good news as far as innovations and even attitude from teens concerning healthy bodies and teeth.

In a recent study conducted by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, or NFID, two out of three surveyed teens say that they worry a lot or a great deal about staying healthy. This is great news for parents and it means more possible cooperation from your teenager when it comes to doctor and dentist visits.

Beyond Brushing – Colorado Springs Invisalign

Now you have most likely drilled them on the importance of a good oral health regimen, enforcing since childhood that brushing, flossing and regular trips to the Colorado Springs dentist are essential. However, sometimes even that can’t completely prevent problems like crooked teeth. Well, as mentioned earlier, it’s not just your teen’s improved attitude that can help, but also new innovations.

Take for example, Invisalign Teen; this breakthrough allows teens to not have to worry about the negative cosmetic effects of traditional braces. This means little to no hazing or teasing, or being called names like metal-mouth or brace-face.

Because these appliances are plastic and removable, they are much less invasive and not to mention virtually invisible. Also, being able to remove the aligners easily now make it so much easier to brush, floss and maintain the teeth as normally needed.

So this creates a huge win-win for both your teenager and you. The kids get the benefit of straighter teeth without the damaged self-esteem and you get to look like a hero for getting them. Now that’s going to go a long way to improve attitudes on both parts.

Come in with you teen or even just for you, and talk to Colorado Springs cosmetic dentist Dr. Andrew Hall today about Invisalign or any other procedure or product available today.

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