Childhood Tooth Decay Leads to Oral Health Problems in Adults

Everyone gets two sets of teeth in their lifetimes, so baby teeth aren’t all that important, right? Some parents seem to think so; however neglecting to bring your child to the dentist early on in life can cause serious oral problems for them during adulthood.

Here in Colorado, 23 percent of the state’s children didn’t receive a preventative dental visit last year, which is why parents are now being prompted to participate in a statewide initiative coordinated by the University of Colorado called “Cavity Free at Three.” The initiative works with parents and health care providers and strives to eliminate all possible tooth decay in children ages three and under, a process that could help these children retain their teeth longer and have better oral hygiene as adults.

Tooth Decay in Children Rising: Parents Need to Know

Childhood tooth decay is on the rise in America today, and the top US dental associations are beginning to suggest that parents schedule their child’s first dental visit as early as six months old to help prevent cavity development in youngsters. Last year, only a third of 2-4 year olds from uninsured families visited the dentist, and by age 17, almost 80 percent reported having had at least one cavity.

It is important for parents to understand that tooth decay in children can be caused both by different foods and by other influences such as a lack of brushing. More often than not these days, parents result to feeding their young children fast food rather that healthy fruits and vegetables, and do not fight with their children about brushing their teeth regularly. These habits can severely damage these baby teeth and could lead to further plaque and tooth decay throughout adulthood. Parents are often warned not to share a pacifier or spoon with their babies as well, as the bacteria in their mouths can easily cause cavities in their children.

Adults Should Get Regular Checkups

Those who experience severe tooth decay early on in life can start losing their teeth altogether during their young adult years. Some of those who are in their twenties are missing teeth in their mouths, either due to poor oral health care or even unforeseen reasons such as required medications that resulted in tooth loss and were never addressed by the parents. Unfortunately, adults who have already lost teeth due to severe tooth decay are usually looking at expensive replacement procedures in order to have a full toothy smile again.

If you have already experienced severe tooth decay stemming from childhood however, this does not mean that you are out of options and should continue to let your teeth rot away. Certain cosmetic dental options, such as dental implants, can restore your smile to its original glory and give back your confidence. If you have made terrible choices in the past with your oral hygiene, it’s not too late to make better ones by visiting Dr. Hall for a mouth restoration. Schedule your consultation today.

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