Candy tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Who dressed YOU?IIt’s Halloween again and it’s time to march your costumed midgets door-to-door for some trick-or-treats. It’s easy to forget dental health during Halloween but unless you’re taking your kids to the local drum circle, it’s doubtful the night’s loot is going to consist of granola and fruit. So here are a few helpful hints to lessen the damage.

First of all, moderation is key. As much as they wish you would let them dive into the bag and eat their way to the bottom, it’s important to ration out the sweets. That goes for you too, mom and dad. Allowing your kids to snack all day is a bad idea for more reasons than having sugar charged kiddies bouncing off your walls – it also plays havoc on the enamel of their teeth. Give them a few pieces every few hours, saving some damage to their mouth and your sanity.

Make sure they drink water while they eat candy as well. The water helps wash away acid and will help with any pieces stuck in between the teeth.

All that being said, it’s also good to have some knowledge about the different kinds of candy, as well. For instance, did you know that chocolate is, all things considered, the least damaging candy on enamel? Medical experts say chocolate, especially dark, has antioxidants and consuming a few ounces a day can reduce the risk of high-blood pressure and heart disease. Before you start rejoicing, remember that it’s the added sugar that does the real damage. Sugar-loaded chocolate sweets should still be moderated and brushing is still a must.

The truly dastardly sweets are the sticky candies that tend to stick around after brushing and flossing and hard candies that sit in the mouth for longer periods of time. Making sure your kids brush three times daily and being mindful of what sweets they are eating will be the vital components to good dental health for your kids this year.

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