Braces Aren’t Just For Your Children

How often do we as adults refuse to smile for pictures or are embarrassed to meet a client because our teeth are crooked? Nothing has changed since childhood: adults still feel uncomfortable with their smiles if they aren’t perfectly straight and white. They look back on their past and wonder why they didn’t use their retainer every day or why they didn’t go through with getting braces from a Colorado Springs dentist.

It’s not too late. Adults everywhere are taking advantage of braces well into their later years. Orthodontic procedures have greatly improved since we were kids, and instead of having to wear headgear that would have put us in the corner of the lunchroom, we can explore clear braces as a real possibility to improve the health of our teeth and boost our self esteem.

Braces have come a long way since the time of thick metal wires and contraptions that cage in your face. Adults can now explore the options of putting clear ceramic brackets on their teeth or in some cases can take advantage of Invisalign, which slowly moves your teeth into the right position using clear plastic trays that are nearly invisible to the eye. These alternatives are more comfortable than those braces from our childhoods and are not distracting to potential clients, friends, family, or anyone we come across.

It’s important to keep your teeth healthy no matter what age you are. Throughout the years, teeth can move around in your gums and slowly collide with the rest of your teeth, becoming brittle and causing you a bit of pain. Before long you may find that you need to replace your teeth because it was impossible to floss and brush your teeth adequately. Getting clear braces from a Colorado Springs dentist can easily allow you to keep your teeth for many years to come, which should give you something to smile about.

More adults everyday are taking advantage of their dental plans and getting the smile they deserve with braces. At our dental practice, we offer Invisalign as part of our orthodontic procedures for adults, which can help you get your smile back and the self esteem that comes along with it.  Schedule an appointment for  a free consultation today with Dr. Andrew Hall, a cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs and find out if  Invisalign is right for you.


Dr. Andrew Hall DMD

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