3D Imaging – Ensuring Dental Implants Have A High Success Rate

Even though dental implants may be one of the most complex dentistry procedures available today, when placed properly, dental implants can truly restore, revamp, and completely change a patient’s smile. What many don’t know is that dental implants not only improve the smile esthetically, they are also very helpful in ensuring that the smile is structurally sound and is able to function as normal teeth do.

The Cosmetic Benefits

When a patient has dental implants placed by a dentist in Colorado Springs, the resulting cosmetic benefits can truly be breathtaking. Implant dentistry is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, which means that once implanted into the mouth, a patient is able to enjoy a full and complete smile again. Many people who are missing a tooth or several teeth find that smiling can be embarrassing. But, with the use of dental implants a patient will have a smile to be proud of.

Dental implants are meant to look natural and are crafted in a way that they blend in with the existing teeth. This means that no one will be able to tell that you’ve had them placed! With a complete smile that looks all natural, your inner beauty is sure to come alive through your new smile.

A Functional Smile Is A Healthy One

Often times patients who require implant dentistry are missing a tooth or various teeth. Missing teeth can cause all sorts of functional problems within the mouth. Many times when a patient is missing many teeth, simple daily tasks such as chewing, talking, and even eating can all become painful and bothersome. This is because when opening and closing the mouth the force and pressure created is usually evenly distributed amongst the teeth. However, when a patient is missing teeth the tension created when you chew or eat something isn’t divided properly and therefore some teeth may take on more pressure and strain than others. Over time this can weaken the teeth severely and can cause even more tooth loss.

While dental implants can be placed using a variety of techniques and technologies, Dr. Hall, a dentist in Colorado Springs, likes to ensure that his patients have the best chance of successful dental implants. Because of this he uses state of the art technology.

3D Implant Planning

When placing dental implant’s in a patient’s mouth, Dr. Hall uses 3D implant planning, a technology that he finds to be a crucial part in ensuring that dental implantation is a success. Implant planning using 3D technology has many benefits including:

  1. Thorough examination – Examination of the quality of the jaw bone is the first step in 3D implant planning. The bone’s width, height, and density must all be considered to ensure that the bone is suitable to use for anchoring an implant.
  2. Esthetics – Dr. Hall will then determine the position of the implant crown. Implant crowns are needed in order to ensure that each implant lasts longer and is more secured and durable.
  3. Function – After implant crown positions are determined, the position of the dental implant is then decided. The position of your implants will determine just how functional your new smile is. The purpose of dental implants is not only to re-complete your smile, but the implants should also be placed in a way so that your new smile is durable and can act just as a normal smile would.
  4. Safety – The use of 3D imaging also allows Dr. Hall to ensure that when placing the implants, sinus cavities, nerves, and other vital structures are avoided. This decreases the chance of any risks or complications that may occur.

No matter if you’re missing one tooth or five teeth, dental implants are a great way to not only restore your smile to one that is completely functional but at the same time implants can restore a smile to your face. Call Dr. Hall’s Colorado Springs dental office today to schedule a free dental implant consultation to learn more about his 3D image planning techniques.

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