Keep smiling this festive season

As another year draws to an end, it’s time to start gearing up for the festive season.

For many of us, that means Christmas parties, end-of-year work functions, and family holidays that inevitably revolve around feasting. There is so much fun to be had, and we encourage you to take a well-earned break and join in the celebrations. That said, don’t forget to stick to good, hygienic habits when it comes to your oral health — it will be well worth it in the long run!

Keep smiling this festive season

Here’s how to make sure your smile stays healthy and beautiful throughout the festive fun…

  1. Stick to your routine
    No matter how late you get home after a party, be sure to stick to your normal regime and brush and floss your teeth before you go to bed. While there’ll undoubtedly be loads of events to disrupt your routine throughout the festive season, it’s essential that you maintain healthy habits to avoid tooth decay and gum disease, not to mention bad breath. If you have a dental check-up scheduled, don’t skip it. As always, it’s best to address any issues before they cause serious damage. You’ll enjoy the holidays so much more if you’re free from pain and discomfort!
  2. Keep track of your sugar intake
    Sweet desserts and sugary drinks might feature on your Christmas menu but try and enjoy these treats in moderation. If you do drink a cocktail or juice that’s high in sugar, use a straw to limit the access of the sugars on the surface of your teeth, and remember to drink plenty of water in between. Any exposure to sugar will increase the risk of tooth decay, so try and limit your intake of sweet treats to meal times (rather than constant snacking), and rinse your mouth after eating. If you can, brush your teeth after eating sugary and sticky foods.
  3. Consider a whitening treatment
    If you have stubborn stains and discoloration on your teeth, a whitening treatment could be just what you need to get your smile sparkling again. We offer custom-made trays that fit each individual perfectly, and you can actually whiten your teeth at home while you sleep. The treatment is very effective for most patients, but we do recommend that you consult with Dr Hall to check that it’s the right option for you. If your discoloration is caused by an underlying issue like deep decay or infection, Dr Hall will recommend another treatment to address the problem.
  4. Smooth your skin
    It’s no secret that a beautiful smile doesn’t end with your teeth, so if you’ve noticed lines on your face, you might consider rejuvenating the overall appearance of your face with an injectable anti-wrinkle injection or filler. We offer formulas designed to relax wrinkles and facial muscles for a smoother, more youthful look. Our anti-wrinkle procedures only take around 10 minutes to complete and the results last between 3 and 6 months. So, if you have a treatment now, you’ll enjoy beautiful, smooth skin throughout the festive season and well into the New Year!

We also offer facial fillers, which are used to reduce the look of deep wrinkles and generally enhance facial aesthetics by smoothing, plumping and lifting the treated area. Fillers are a great option in areas like the lips, smile lines and cheeks, and results can last up to 6 months. Why not make it a Christmas present to yourself?

For a full list of the treatments we offer, have a look here.

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