I don’t have insurance. Can I still get dental treatment?

Visiting the dentist can be a particularly stressful experience if you don’t have insurance. The thought of the cost of treatment can lead to many people who don’t have insurance putting off getting the dental care they need. Unfortunately, this simply allows the problems to get worse. And will almost always involve the patient needing far more expensive treatment to deal with the issues that have arisen because a simple problem wasn’t treated early.

So what can you do if you don’t have dental insurance?

Not having insurance doesn’t have to mean you and your family don’t receive essential dental care. At The Studio For Exceptional Dentistry, we understand it’s not something everyone has, and we are able to work with you to devise a treatment plan that gets the balance right between affordability and good oral health.

Prevention is better than a cure

You’ve no doubt heard it many times before, but this old adage is so true of dental treatment. If you are attending regular cleaning and exam appointments with your dentist – we recommend twice a year – then your dentist will be able to monitor your oral health and catch and treat any small issues before they turn nasty. The deep clean you’ll receive at this appointment will also help to boost your oral health and decrease the likelihood of you developing gum disease or cavities. Yes, attending these biannual appointments will mean you’re out of pocket, but the money they could save you in preventing bigger issues, in the long run, makes it worth it!

Don’t forget your homework

952f1ea60ebe98d806d8cfa45919aae1Good oral health isn’t just created in the dental office! Your at-home care routine is just as important to help keep gum disease and cavities at bay. We recommend brushing your teeth both in the morning and at night, as well as flossing daily to ensure any food caught in your teeth is removed, reducing the bacteria in your mouth and the risk of plaque build-up.

A healthy diet is also important for your oral health. We recommend avoiding foods and drinks high in sugar as the bacteria in your mouth reacts with these, turning them into acids which attack the enamel of your teeth, this can lead to decay.

Get your priorities straight

If you are working with a budget, it’s important to ensure you’re prioritizing dental issues which jeopardize your oral and overall health, rather than minor or cosmetic procedures. At The Studio For Exceptional Dentistry, we will work with you to help you understand which treatments are necessary, and which aren’t, so we can create a treatment plan to suit your budget and needs.

Payment options and plans

We are also pleased to be able to offer our patients no interest financing and long-term payment plans. Find out more here.

Dental treatment without insurance – Colorado Springs

If you require dental treatment without insurance, it’s important to work with a dentist you can trust to ensure the most important issues are being prioritized each time you visit the dental office.

The Studio For Exceptional Dentistry is committed to providing the very best dental care possible for all our patients, regardless of whether they have insurance or not.

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