Healthy Mother’s Day treats

Spoil your mom with a tasty dish that’s good for the whole family

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to show your mom you care than by cooking her a meal? We’ve put together some ideas that are good for your oral and overall health, without compromising on flavour…

Easy healthy breakfast

Start the day off right by serving up a nutritious breakfast. A yoghurt parfait makes a great light breakfast, plus it’s pretty. Simply mix up some yoghurt and a selection of seasonal fruits and berries, top with toasted nuts, and serve in glasses. To make it extra special, you can even beat some cream cheese into the yoghurt before adding the fruit.

Another simple, but the tasty option is to serve up some toast with gourmet-style toppings — think sugar-free nut butter, some banana slices and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Chia is packed with calcium, so it’s good for your teeth and bones, which is an added bonus!

A yoghurt smoothie is also packed with protein and calcium and is a great way to start the day. Simply blend some plain yoghurt with the frozen fruits and berries of your choice, together with milk or coconut water. Yum!

Good lunch ideas

If you decide to treat your mom to lunch and want to keep it light and fresh, consider rustling up a creative salad. Crunchy vegetables are good for your teeth because they increase the production of saliva while you chew and can also help to scrape bacteria and food particles off your teeth. Leafy greens like kale and spinach are also good for your oral health because they are packed with calcium. Salads needn’t be boring though — pack them with tasty produce and proteins, like chickpeas, salmon or chicken, and make a dressing with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs.

Mother’s Day dinner

If you’re going all out and want to put together a dinner, consider protein-rich dishes with plenty of seasonal vegetables. Oven-baked salmon is a delicious and nourishing treat, while roasted vegetables make great sides. Soups are also a great option because you can pack them with loads of nutritious ingredients while stir fries loaded with vegetables and lean meat or seafood make a delicious dinner.

For dessert, why not try whipping up an avocado mousse? Blend avocados until they form a creamy texture, and then add in some milk, a little unsweetened cocoa powder and some honey if you need some sweetness. Serve up with berries and some whipped coconut cream if you like.

Baked fruits, like apples and pears, also make a lovely dessert option. Bake them with cinnamon and then top them with Greek yoghurt and some crunchy granola.

Good nutrition is key when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. If you need some advice on keeping your oral health on track, please come in and see us for a consultation. Get in touch today!

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