Get to the root of the pain with Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth is irritated by a bacterial infection or tooth decay, a root canal therapy is a necessary procedure to restore the tooth to a healthy state.

Root canal therapy: an end to your suffering

A patient that has been advised for root canal therapy has suffered from an internally infected and inflamed tooth, which is at risk of spreading the infection to neighbouring teeth and developing other related health problems. At this stage, the tooth has endured a great deal of infection which has broken down three dense layers of enamel, dentine and tooth pulp which protects the tooth foundation. The bacteria in the tooth has been ignored or gone unnoticed as the process of infection requires an extended time for the decay to slowly reach the tooth core.

A root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp while leaving as much of the natural tooth intact. Once the infection has been removed, the tooth pulp will be replaced with a filling to prevent further infection and ensure the natural tooth will not require extraction. The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry offers this treatment for patients, with exemplary care and efficiency so you can enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile.

The misconception of root canal therapy

There are many misconceptions surrounding a root canal treatment and whether patients experience pain or should resort to tooth extraction as an alternative. These are a number of myths still preventing patients from seeking the appropriate treatment to relieve and restore their infected tooth.

Root Canal Therapy is painful – false

Truth: This misleading view is in fact completely reversed; a root canal treatment relieves the pain of the infection. The misconception that root canal therapy causes pain came about decades ago when dental technology and methods were far from the advancements we use today. With recognition owed to cutting-edge science and technology, dental practitioners can now offer treatments with ease and comfort.  By applying local anaesthetic combined with highly trained dental techniques, a root canal therapy can be as routine as a filling.

Tooth extraction is a good alternative – false

Truth: Saving your natural tooth, if possible, is the ideal option. An artificial tooth may not function as well as a natural tooth and sometimes can be unsuitable for chewing certain foods. Root canal treatment, along with the appropriate restoration of the damaged tooth and surrounding teeth, is a cost-effective procedure in comparison to extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant. Root canal therapy is a reliable solution with a very high success rate that often lasts a lifetime. Restorative dental work will require significantly more time, further procedures to adjacent teeth and will eventually need replacing.

With root canal therapy, Dr Andrew Hall and his team of specialists at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry can enable patients to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

If you have a severely damaged tooth that may require treatment, Dr Andrew Hall will conduct a thorough assessment and determine if root canal therapy is the correct treatment for you. For more information, or to book an appointment, call our Colorado Springs office at (719) 481-8250 or contact us online.


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