Enhance your features in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

What do you have planned? Whether it’s a cosy night in with your long-term partner, a romantic evening out on the town, or a hot date with a new love interest, it goes without saying that you’ll want to look (and feel) your best.

Clean, healthy teeth are key when it comes to looking good, but a beautiful smile is about more than just your teeth. That’s why we offer a range of cosmetic injectables that help to enhance the facial features. Would you consider an injectable? Read on to learn more about the treatment, and just for fun, find out which of your favourite stars may have discovered the benefits…

Enhance your features in time for Valentine’s Day

What’s on offer?

We offer two kinds of cosmetic injectables: one is a prescription medication formulated from natural, purified protein which is injected into the muscles of the face to relax wrinkles and create a smoother, more youthful appearance; the other is an injectable facial filler that helps to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and plumps up the skin.

The purified protein formula is very effective for the treatment of frown lines; crow’s feet (lines around the eyes); sagging eye brows; and forehead wrinkles, while the facial filler is great for contouring of the cheeks; repairing smile lines; and creating plumper lips.

Who has tried it?

Countless celebrities have opted for cosmetic injectables with varying results. When administered properly and in the correct amounts, the treatments produce results that are natural-looking and can greatly improve the appearance of the skin. For this reason, the treatments are becoming more and more popular and a number of famous beauties are now open about the fact that they rely on injectables to maintain their perfect skin.

Model Cindy Crawford admits that she has her cosmetic surgeon to thank for her flawless skin — she makes regular use of injections to improve the texture of her facial skin. Kim Kardashian is also open about her use of cosmetic injectables, while actress Jenny McCarthy admitted to having her forehead lines repaired with an injectable formula.

Would you do it?

If you’ve noticed fine lines and wrinkles, or a loss of volume in areas like your lips and cheeks, it may be worth considering an injectable treatment. The results last for months, and the treatment is quick and simple. If you’re not sure whether or not the procedure is right for you, we recommend that you come in for a consultation. Dr Andrew Hall is available to discuss your options with you and address any concerns or questions you might have. In fact, Dr Hall attended the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics in 2015, so he has vast experience in the field.

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