Embracing Invisalign: Creating a Permanent Solution to an Imperfect Smile

Hollywood actress Jewel has earned fame and fortune during her career, and starred in a number of high profile and critically acclaimed films. Despite this, however, it is something of an irony that she is often more renowned for the appearance of her teeth, and the fact that she has steadfastly refused to have them straitened throughout over a decade of acting on the silver screen. While this has drawn praise from some who have welcomed her refusal to conform to modern ideals of beauty, others have suggested that she should be setting a better example to youngsters who are encouraged to make the best of themselves.

For anyone associated with the former camp, they will have been surprised to have witnessed Jewel’s new look as it was unveiled recently. Gone are the crooked and slightly discolored teeth, and in their place are a series of brilliantly white dental veneers. As part of her recently landed role as the American singer and songwriter June Carter Cash, Jewel agreed to have temporary work done to correct the visual appearance of her teeth, and allowed dental professionals to create a perfectly straight smile. This was a far cry from her role in the 1999 civil war film Ride With the Devil, where her naturally uneven and crooked teeth were central to her earning a place on set.

The fact that Jewel has chosen to have temporary veneer work done rather than permanently straighten her teeth is likely to prompt even more debate, especially in an age where consumers can experience fast acting and relatively painless corrective treatment. Invisalign is the latest innovative example of a cosmetic dental technique, and one that provides a swift and convenient solution to anyone with crooked or misshapen teeth. Consisting of a series of invisible and removable aligners, the treatment gradually corrects individual teeth until they have straightened to the satisfaction of the patient and their dentist.

As each individual aligner is manufactured to suit the shape of your teeth, they also offer a level of comfort and reliability that was depressingly absent from traditional orthodontic procedures. This enables dental professionals to create a virtual 3 dimensional treatment plan, which details and accurately forecasts the series of movements that your teeth will undertake throughout the course of your treatment. Such reassurance can prove pivotal for individuals who are wary of cosmetic dentistry or unsure as to whether it can deliver results, and bring them a step closer towards making a life enhancing decision. If you live in Colorado Springs and would like to find out more about the intricacies of aligner treatment, then contact Dr. Andrew Hall today for a consultation.

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