Dr. Hall Conducts Workshops at Utah Dental Association Convention

Dr Hall enjoys the day to day aspects of dentistry and taking care of patients at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry in Colorado Springs, but he also enjoys the opportunity to work with other dentists and help them see the benefits and advancements of technology in the field of dentistry. He was recently invited by Patterson Dental, Sirona Dental and Biomet 3i to attend the Utah Dental Association Convention. They asked him to conduct a few workshops focusing on the integration of CEREC Cad-Cam and 3D imaging for dental implant treatment planning.

6 workshops were conducted over the two day time period in which the doctors had the chance to do a hands-on virtual dental implant treatment plan. The exercise included mapping a nerve, treatment planning the dental implant and learning how to create a surgical guide based on that plan which would be used in office for the guided dental implant. The sessions ended with a hands-on guided surgery on a model utilizing Biomet 3i Navigator Kit. Dr Hall would like to thank his partners at Patterson Dental, Sirona Dental and Biomet 3i for the opportunity to work with their products at the Utah Dental Association Convention!

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