Bison Microventure Wins Award for New Dental Implant Research

North Dakota State University CampusThe world of cosmetic dentistry is constantly being upgraded for the better worldwide, and North Dakota State University students in Fargo are certainly an innovative part of these upgrades. In an Innovation Challenge at the university this past February, 15 NDSU students that make up the team named Bison Microventure won the first place award for their extensive dental implant research and development to help those who cannot use general titanium implants.

Dental implants are an option for patients who are missing teeth and prefer the feel of a new tooth rather than dentures. Implants usually consist of titanium posts that are surgically implanted into the jaw bone much like the root of a tooth. Your Colorado Springs dentist then adds a ceramic crown to the post creating the closest resemblance to your adult teeth as possible.

Unfortunately some patients have found that their bodies reject the titanium posts keeping them from retaining their implants. This is the problem that Bison Microventure is trying to solve. These brilliant NDSU students have been developing a porous ceramic dental implant to assist those who cannot use the titanium implants due to rejection. This new and inexpensive ceramic post possesses bone-like qualities, making them more cost-effective and can help patients heal much faster than with traditional titanium posts. Because of this new technology, these 15 students of NDSU received $5000 as a gift to help fund further research and development.

Having a new ceramic implant for patients would certainly be helpful in every cosmetic dental office once Bison Microventure is able to finish their research. More than ever patients will have the look and feel of new and beautiful teeth with much less possibility of infection and rejection in the jaw.

Until this innovative implant hits the market, implant dentist Dr. Hall continues to offer the most up-to-date dental implant technology that is available in cosmetic dentistry. We use 3d imaging data generated by Galileos to create a surgical guide for your dental implants to ensure that the implants are properly placed and after the healing process has completed will use CEREC to restore your teeth with dental crowns. This will give you the beauty and comfort of a new set of teeth without the difficulties of dentures.

If you are looking for dental implants to replace the gaps of missing teeth, contact your local Colorado Springs dental office today and schedule an appointment.

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