Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Colorado Springs

Do you have an infected tooth that causes you pain?

If so, you may be the perfect candidate for a root canal in Colorado, performed by Dr. Hall. Though root canals are not the simplest nor quickest dental procedure, undergoing a root canal will allow you to have full use of a tooth that is otherwise severely injured and/or infected. The treatment often has a bad reputation as a painful procedure because it is associated with the pain of an infected tooth. However, the treatment itself is often no more painful than a simple filling and is designed to relieve the pain caused by infection.

Also known as:
  • root canal
  • root canal treatment
  • dental canal treatment
  • teeh canal treatment
  • root canal dentistry
Desired results: Patients in Colorado Springs undergo root canal treatment in order to save an injured tooth.

Root canal therapy deals heavily with the inside of the tooth, most specifically the pulp tissue where all of the nerve tissue and blood supply are located.

How does root canal treatment work?

Usually, root canals are split into two parts. However, most treatments only take a single visit to complete. The first part of the treatment involves removal of any bacteria, bacterial toxins, nerve tissue, and debris from a broken down tooth. This is done to “clean” out the tooth so that any existing infection and bacteria can be eliminated.

Dr. Hall will place a rubber dam (like a rubber sheet) around the infected tooth to keep the area clean and dry before starting treatment. From there, he will make a small incision site in the tooth in order to get to the infected area. Then he will remove the internal tissue and bacteria adding to the infection and flush the area with an anti-bacterial solution.

The second half of a root canal simply involves filling the tooth and then sealing it to prevent a reoccurrence of bacterial growth or infection. This can be done with a filling material or may need a crown if the tooth is left in a weakened condition. You may also be placed on antibiotics by Dr. Hall depending on the severity of your infection.

Dr. Hall will thoroughly examine your tooth to ensure that root canal therapy is the best method of treatment for you. Undergoing root canal treatment at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry could end your tooth-related pain and protect your tooth for good!


Root canal treatment is often recommended in cases where the dental pulp inside the tooth has become infected. Dental pulp is made up of nerve and connective tissue, and is the area in which the blood supply is located. When this area becomes diseased or infected, root canal treatment helps to relieve pain and discomfort, and prevent further damage and complications.

During the procedure, bacteria, toxins, damaged nerve tissue and debris are removed from an infected tooth. This helps to clean out the tooth and eliminate any infection. Once the tooth has been cleaned, it is filled and sealed in order to prevent a reoccurrence of bacterial growth and infection. In some cases, a crown is used to strengthen the remaining tooth.

Root canal treatment Colorado Springs

If you have a severely damaged tooth that may require treatment, Dr. Andrew Hall will thoroughly examine your tooth to see if it is the right treatment for you. For more information, or to book an appointment, call our Colorado Springs office at (719) 481-8250 or contact us online.