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Dental Bridges Colorado Springs

Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge works and acts just like the bridges we are used to seeing in real life. The purpose of a bridge is to provide coverage for a gap in your smile. For dental purposes, a dental bridge is needed to fill the space that is created when a patient is missing a tooth or many teeth.

If you are missing a tooth we recommend receiving some form of treatment as doing nothing can cause further damage to the surrounding teeth. You will need to come in for an assessment with Dr. Hall to determine whether a dental bridge is the treatment you need. A dental implant may be a better solution for some patients. Dr Hall will discuss your options with you before you proceed with any treatment and create a treatment plan that coincides with your specific condition and desires.

Benefits of having a bridge placed

Dental bridges consist of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth (the teeth either side of your gap). The middle section is made up of one or more pontics (artificial teeth), which fill in the gap left by one or more missing teeth.

Dental bridges may be used for support as well as cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. You can have a dental bridge placed to:

  • Prevent teeth drifting and shifting
  • Restore the aesthetics of your smile
  • Act as a force distributor when eating, biting, chewing, and talking
  • Supports remaining teeth

If you take proper care of your dental bridge, you can ensure that it will last a long time. The process of having a bridge placed usually requires two or more appointments with Dr. Hall. Impressions of your teeth are taken and are sent off to a laboratory so that the necessary dental crowns and bridges can be professionally made. During this time you are given a temporary bridge. Once the permanent dental bridges are ready, they can be fitted and sealed onto your teeth during the second appointment.

Dental Bridges Colorado Springs

If you’re having crowns placed and are missing a tooth or teeth, it is likely that Dr. Hall will want to fit you with a dental bridge or discuss dental implant therapy. This is to help restore your smile and to ensure that your teeth remain in their proper location. When teeth are missing, the teeth on each side of the gap may begin to shift; with a bridge your teeth will stay where they should!

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