Cancer Treatment? See a Dentist First!

I used to rule the world.Cancer is the one of the leading causes of death in the United States and doctors are now urging their cancer patients to see a dentist before they undergo any cancer treatments.  The reason behind this is that severe dental problems can arise during chemotherapy and radiation.

An important publication created by The National Institute of Health (N.I.H.) states that in order to fight off cancer in the best possible way, a cancer patient should add a dentist to their cancer treatment team.  Here are the top three reasons to see a dentist prior to cancer treatment:

  • First is to help you feel better during the treatment.  Cancer treatment can inflict painful mouth problems, and seeing your dentist prior can help cut them off at the pass by preventing any mouth problems before they start.
  • Second is to help prevent any damage to your teeth and bones that might occur while you are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments.
  • Third is to help you fight the cancer.  If the cancer treatment creates side effects in your mouth, it might actually delay the treatment or even end it all together.

Some of the pre-cancer treatments recommended by dentists include digital X-rays and fluoride trays to help prevent any root decay from the chemotherapy and radiation.  If you have any damaged or rotting teeth that may abscess during cancer treatment, then the extraction of those teeth prior to treatment is recommended.  If you wear dentures, your dentist might suggest the realignment of your old dentures, or replacing them altogether with better fitting dentures.

Having a cancer diagnosis is disheartening, and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation is challenging; however, seeing your dentist prior to treatment can really help in the fight against this disease.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer, Colorado Springs Dentist Dr. Andrew Hall and his highly trained staff can help you get the pre-cancer treatment dental care that you need.  Call or make an appointment online today for a free consultation.

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